Mother Warrior

February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Mother Warrior is the fifth book written by Jenny McCarthy about autism. Mother Warrior is an informative and personal book. McCarthy has much strength but also has a few weaknesses which help make the book what it is and help the book pass on the message that McCarthy is trying to send. The strengths of the book are the important issue that is discussed, the stories of the other mother warriors and how the book is separated in sections. The two weaknesses are one that fact that it is too repetitive and that fact that McCarthy does not talk enough in Part 2.
Autism is the heart of the book and is the main reason for the book's existence. The way she portrays autism as her personal issue first then as a global issue helps give the notion that it starts off as a small thing and ends up as a major issue. It helps in the grand scheme of things because it's harder to see the big picture sometimes and it's easier to see the small things then look at the big picture. The stories of the other mother warriors who have also dealt with similar problems helps incite the notion that there is a bigger picture to autism. Each mother has dealt with their own far share of autism and this is there place to shine as true warriors who look after their child. When McCarthy uses the phrase 'Mother Warrior' I think she means it literally because each mother is fighting for their children from the wrath of autism and the mark that it carries.
Also because each mother has to fight against doctors, family, friends and almost everyone to make sure that their child has absolutely the best opportunities he or she can have. The last strength that I believe this book has is the way that it is separated into two books. Book 1 is about the experiences that Jenny McCarthy went through. And it also includes her discussions with Oprah, The View and several other shows. Book 2 is the mother warrior stories and the effects that they had on Jenny McCarthy and the effect they may have on you.
Of course every strength has a weakness. Because Book 2 contains so many mother warrior stories it becomes a bit repetitive on several levels. Because there are so many stories in Book 2 it is a bit annoying to hear and to see the many stories that are contained in Book 2. Not that they are horrible stories it is just that they are a bit too much to handle. Plus all of the stories have the same basic content of kid gets vaccine, kid gets sick and then goes on the non doctor recommended treatment. Plus in the second Book she, Jenny McCarthy does not even talk at all during almost the entire thing; which is understandable because the stories are the same and she can only write so much about one thing and to not be repetitive.
The book is well versed in argument and personal experience. But it is also well versed in the art of repetitiveness, just like my essay. The book excellent and should be read by everyone. This book is just one drop of water in a well full of knowledge. This book needs to be taken into consideration by the doctors of America and of the world. Autism is treatable. You can't recover completely but you can be recovered to a certain extant and that is a whole lot better than nothing. Imagine what would happen if we ignored this book. If it was to go unsaid and untold the damage could be catastrophic and the result could cost us a generation worth of children. A drop of knowledge is greater than any amount of strength and a river of knowledge can wash the filth off of our future generations and provide them with something that we don't have. Knowledge, a cure maybe, and acceptance because seeing with your eyes is something the doctor does and seeing with you heart is something that a Mother Warrior does. Look not with your eyes but with your heart and see the world in a new form, a form of acceptance.

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