Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal

February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal Book review
The book Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser depicts the influences that fast food industries have on society and the world. Schlosser begins the book with the history of fast food industries as a normal business then alters his topic to a more disturbing tribulations dealing with the competition and the need to improve the food product at a lower cost making profits.
In the novel, Schlosser beings his book with fact about the growth of food industries like McDonald's, KFC, Burger King and Pizza Hut, Wendy's and other fast food industries . He builds a well solid start with the background introduction of the rise of fast food industries and the founding fathers. The starting point of the novel targets how fast food industry is out to obliterate one another globally which hurts the independent business. He is well detailed and gives evidence and data to his augment which makes it more credible. His diction and word choice are easy to understand and makes reading the novel smooth and breezy. It's easy to follow and categorized well including the details.
Schlosser depicts disturbing fact about how the fast food industries altar the taste of the fries with chemicals. He explicatively discus how the flavor industries are hired by food industries like McDonald's, to create a flavor that taste excellent. Schlosser stresses out the down side to achieving a good flavor by explain how the scientists use babies to distinguish a sour taste and a good taste. Schlosser's explanation and details appeals to the reader and get them focused to the book. His use of fact and details help contribute to his point and position. His argument and fact are straight forward and clear for readers to understand his position. The fact Schlosser produce sometimes is intrigue because he gives evidence that the readers can relate to. However the novel is sometimes tedious because he stresses out some fact that doesn't contribute to the novel. Also he has long paragraphs which can make readers lose interest but it accomplishes its job by giving the reader the information they need.
Schlosser has a unique style of writing which is seen through out the book. He always has fact that relates to his main argument which helps the readers understand what he is saying better. He has background details about his subject and always presents them before he delivers a fact relating to his subject. Quotes are actually incorporated to back up his fact. Each of the chapters start with a vague title but as you read on it becomes clear which he names it that. The novel is well organized for example it starts from the creation of fast food to globalization. Each chapter explains its subject well and has a unique tone of voice which presents the fact in a journal style of writing. Sometimes Schlosser journal ability is shown in the novel as you read it. The novel is steady by and also develops the story in a chronological way or like a time line.
A lot of readers who are into factual novels like this novel will be intrigued like I was because I got a new perspective about the food I order from fast food. It is a straight forward novel and delivers its message across. The appeals to all ages as well as being easy to read and follow.

The author's comments:
It was interesting reading this book

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