Mother Warriors

February 9, 2009
By Erin Shill BRONZE, Plano, Texas
Erin Shill BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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The novel Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy is a well written story about the causes and treatment for autism. Most readers will find the novel beyond eye opening. Although not all parenting books are for everyone, Mother Warriors has the capability of informing everyone.

Jenny McCarthy is able to keep the reader's attention by using a very conversational style of writing. As she tells the story of her son's autism the reader feels as if he or she is having a chat with McCarthy herself.

The very polemical issue of the cause of autism is discussed in great deal in McCarthy's novel. She explicitly refutes the idea vaccines do in fact cause autism. Jenny rebuts this by sharing numerous stories from other parents with children with autism. Not only does Jenny push this issue, but she also discusses that there is in fact a recovery program from autistic children. She pushes that a healthy gluten free diet and certain supplements and treatment have the ability to recover from autism. Many of children who have been recovered due to the efforts of their 'warrior mother' have been in remission for a remarkably long time.

In the preface of the novel, a doctor of the AAP speaks out against the AAP. The AAP is a group of doctors and pediatricians who disagree with the connection of vaccines and autism. Most say that there is no evidence that shows a link between the two; however the doctor in the preface discusses many statistics that further support McCarthy's rebuttal.

The novel is set up into two sections. In the first half of the book Jenny McCarthy discusses her own personal battle with her son against his autism. She discusses the obstacles that she had to persevere through to recover he son Evan. The second half is divided into short individual stories of mothers that fought for their children. Each story further supports McCarthy.

McCarthy's novel is a very informative book that gives readers insight into a world of mothers who have done everything to help their children in need.

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