February 9, 2009
By Scotty Johnson BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Scotty Johnson BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Blink is about your unconscious mind. Malcolm Gladwell made brilliance with this book by informing people about "thin-slicing."The term thin-slicing means making quick decisions with a minute amount of information. In the act of thinking without thinking surprises you with insight to your unconscious and how and why you think what you do. This book features real scenarios, skilled interviews and fascinating case studies to illuminate our mental capacity to think unconsciously. In the blink of an eye you come up with conclusions and this book is exactly about that small amount of time and how you surcome to those conclusions. The snap judgments you come to and when they're good are all found in this book. This brilliant book breaks the mold of a society that makes you believe that your better off gathering all the information and spending as much time deliberating and helps you come to the conclusion that first impressions and snap judgments helps us better understand complicated situations based on the smallest piece of information, this is thin slicing. Take your quick judgments and use them to your advantage this would make your life easier and less complicated.

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