Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America

February 9, 2009
After reading Nickel and Dimed, I was very pleased with the way the book turned out and how Barbra Ehrenreich had a goal and was determined to reach her purpose. Barbra Ehrenreich takes you through the task of going 'undercover' and working alongside the low-income working class, who struggles everyday to maintain a normal life with food and shelter everyday.

Ehrenreich takes us to three different cities, with different jobs, to show everyone that the people who do the jobs that no one else wants to do are real people trying to survive in this country on little to almost nothing. Now, I do not mean that the people working these jobs get no pay at all, I simply mean that their paychecks could only last them only a few days. As I was reading Nickel and Dimed, the humor in the book was quite funny, which made me, want to turn the page and finish the book in a heartbeat. As the humor takes me from page to page, the way Ehrenreich puts love into the book is so genuine and real that she has a way of making you want to go out and do something for the people who struggle. The way Ehrenreich talks about her co-workers makes you feel like you already know the people, even though the names given are names to keep the co-workers confidential.

Once you have finished reading Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, it will make you feel good and would make people realize that the people who are working for little money are real people just trying to survive. Ehrenreich's writing just captivates you and her 'goal' of uncovering the low-income working class.

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