Scratch Beginnings Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream

February 8, 2009

Adam Shepard's experiment of finding whether the 'American Dream' is still alive or not is an exhilarating story. Instead of taking the traditional route after college and finding a job, Shepard goes out to disprove Nickel and Dimed, which says that the American Dream is no longer alive. Adam decides to live life after college in the slums of Charleston, North Carolina, starting with only $25 in his pocket, a sleeping bag, and clothes on his back. His detailed experiences provide an inside look into the culture of the poor and how they work to survive. Shepard describes how he learns from the people around him and how he incorporates their life lesson into his own such as, how to approach a manager and get a job on the spot. He undertakes many jobs without using his college degree or his friends for help.
The vernacular of the people captured in Adam's story conveys the authenticity of those around him. The way he writes makes you feel like you are experiencing these people right there with him. There are many unexpected twists in Adam Shepard's story, many interesting people that crossed his path on his unbelievable journey and many diverse and intriguing jobs that he undertakes making his story one of a kind.

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