Mother Warriors

February 8, 2009
By Anonymous

With the never ending fight against mankind's many mysteries and life problems, she plays the head role of all mom fighters; Jenny McCarthy released one of her greatest pieces of work yet, Mother Warriors, a small piece of science presenting new ideas and cures for children with Autism.
While McCarthy is most well-known for writing her first book, Louder Than Words, a New York Times Bestseller, and being an actress on television shows, she has a very strong passion for the health crisis today in America called Autism. It's the developmental disorder among babies and young toddlers, some never being able to heal, thus being autistic the rest of their life.

Through the order of cause and effect, true and false, real-life and illusion, Jenny McCarthy presents arguments for doctors around the world who say there is nothing a parent can do to heal their children from this disorder.
McCarthy disagrees with these doctors and puts up a fight, not accepting 'no' for an answer. Through strategy and support by loved ones around her, she digs deep to find the cure that will heal this disorder, her son and many other children around the country have.
With emotions unraveling, parents tell their story of their life with an autistic child and how their lives are affected. The 'Race for the Cure' lives on. The fight never will end. Lives will start to begin again. McCarthy will keep the fight going for years to come, with her vibrate words and ways the people around her, supporting her.

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