Mother Warriors

February 8, 2009
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Mother Warriors is a book that reveals Jenny McCarthy's struggle with her sons Autism, and her on going battle to create awareness about vaccinating children with weak immune systems. She provides the reader with evidence to a recovery to this 'disease' but not a cure. She captivates the reader with stories from 'Mother Warriors' that have fought along the sides of their children to help them recover. The definition of a 'Mother Warrior' is a mother that fights for the right of her child to be normal. For her child to be able to live life to the fullest. These mothers watched their children go from two different sides of the spectrum; from being happy talkative babies to not showing any emotion at all. Parents of autistic children are on there own, doctors have lead them to believe that there children are lost causes. 'The parents of a child with autism are left to go the road alone. I am my son's full-time researcher, biochemist, pharmacist, educator, doctor, nutritionist, and chef.'.(McCarthy pg187) Jenny McCarthy provides these parents with hope. Hope that there children will have better lives. Jenny takes a stand against the AAP ( the American Academy of Pediatrics) using evidence to prove that vaccines are not for all children. Children with weak immune systems at the time of vaccinations are more prone to autism then the children who's immune systems are 100% functioning. This is contrary to the idea that autism is a Genetic 'disease' and its passed down from generations. This is a great informative book. Learn more about the hardships and their journey through autism with Jenny McCarthy and other 'Warrior Mothers' pick up your copy today!

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