Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy

February 8, 2009
By sydnie shimkus BRONZE, Plano, Texas
sydnie shimkus BRONZE, Plano, Texas
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In the novel by Jenny McCarthy, Mother Warriors, a revolutionary idea is brought forth to the public about autism. She presents her case through stories of what she has endured with her own son in order to prove that autism can be cured, regardless what the doctors say. It is commonly accepted by pediatricians worldwide that autism is an incurable disease, and there's not much treatment available to even help these children. The fact is though, mothers everywhere, like Jenny, are going against the odds and researching their own methods in order to restore their children. They're getting therapy for their children, putting them on special diets, and detoxifying their bodies of toxic metals. Miraculously, their children are progressing to where they're basically restored with these methods. Unfortunately though, Jenny's main plea is that even though many mothers like her have clear evidence that this stuff is actually working, the doctors and pediatricians are still not listening.

Throughout her book, Jenny includes stories of other mothers that each had a child diagnosed with autism, shortly after the child became vaccinated, and the journey the family endured on the way to recovery. With each of these heart tugging experiences, it becomes evident to the reader that autism can be cured regardless what the doctors and society says. All the stories are unique in their own way, but revolve around the same idea of recovering these autistic children with special diets and therapies.

This book really inspired me even though I don't know anyone with autism. It almost made me angry and frustrated just like the author was because doctors everywhere are simply being stubborn and sticking to traditional methods of thinking rather than being open to fresh new ideas. The book, though presents hope that with more and more people on board with this ground breaking new evidence, a change will be brought forth with the way we view the diagnosis of autism.

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