Survival of The Sickest

February 10, 2009

Dr. Sharon Moalem's survival of the Sickest is an easy to read interesting book, enlightening, all who read, of the evolutionary process that humans have gone through.

Unlike many other scientists, Dr. Moalem proves that the evolutionary process isn't perfect. Many people infer that the evolutionary process is meant to take out all the bad genes and leave only the good genes, in the gene pool. So why is, hemochromatosis (iron deficiency), diabetes, malaria such problem today? Shouldn't these genes been skimmed out of the gene pool? It's because 'evolution doesn't favor genetic traits that will make us sick, unless those traits are more likely to help us before hurt us' (77 Moalem). He also explains to us why we pee when we're cold, why some people are darker then others, and why some are hairier than others
Dr. Moalem uses simple informative diction, allowing those who have no scientific background to easily understand. With every assumption he makes, uses facts, studies, statistics and similarities with other animals to provide evidence.
This book allows us to understand the complexity of the human body and as a living organism as whole, strive to survive. The book gives us the new understanding to live longer, healthier lives.

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