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October 14, 2015
By Mayaobeid BRONZE, Trumbull, Connecticut
Mayaobeid BRONZE, Trumbull, Connecticut
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Invisible by James Patterson is a must read to all you suspense lovers out there. This thriller will have you eagerly glued to the book. Emmy Dockery has taken leave from her high profile job as an FBI researcher, due to the sudden death of her sister to a house fire. She’s become  obsessed after the incident claiming there are links between these hundreds of “accidental” house fires occurring all over the country over the past year. Claiming that these aren't an accident but the product of a genius serial killer, but no one will believe her not even her ex fiance, field agent Harrison "Books" Bookman. That is until, the evidence shes gathered after months of digging is overwhelmingly strong. Invisible is a jaw-dropping, must read that will have you on an emotional rollercoaster till the very end.
The book Invisible opens with its first “Graham session” the author allows us to periodically switch on and off in the book, hearing Emmy Dockery speak and then hearing the serial killer who goes by Graham to speak. Graham records himself as he stakes out his victims, tortures and then kills him. Readers sit their and read what he’s about to do then flip the page to see that the FBI is heading in the opposite direction leaving readers overwhelmed with suspense. Graham is a genius serial killer who performs his murders so precisely it was almost impossible to realize they were even murders. Having tortured his victims, he then sets the houses on fire making them look like accidents. On page 158, after an extensive deep autopsy the medical examiner says; “But their deaths were no accident,” she says “These were homicides. And these were the most ingenious, meticulous and cold-blooded murders I’ve ever seen.” This ingenious killer was so smart with how he chose his methods of torture the medical assistant on page 162 says; “The skin splits caused from a fire’s heat will be parallel to the muscle fibers. That is a key way that an autopsy will reveal foul play. The skin splits are parallel to the muscle, when usually knife wounds would be across muscle fibers. He specifically cut them in a parallel angle so that they would mimic natural wounds from a fire. She then says; “he chose his spots wisely, these lacerations occur in areas of the body that were nearly completely consumed by the fire.” It was passages like these that will leave readers in awe. The unraveling of a mass murder spree so dynamic and elaborate you just can’t help but to keep reading to see what happens next.
James Patterson is a highly acclaimed author who has written some of the best mystery books of our century. Having written some not so well books in recent years, Invisable was his comeback for sure. The book is outstanding with all its mystery, suspense and twists and is sure to leave readers more than satisfied.

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