The Face on the Milk Carton

January 26, 2009
By Tanner BRONZE, Oxford, Pennsylvania
Tanner BRONZE, Oxford, Pennsylvania
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The Face on the Milk Carton was a book that I had high hopes for. It is a mystery/suspense and I had hoped for mysterious events to engulf the book. Well this book just doesn't generate that air of overall concealment (half-meanings/truths, etc.). This book was horrible because the problem was revealed too early, I don't think Janie's type of character plays the part needed well, and the relationship between Janie and her "parents/grandparents" should be different under these circumstances. There are more specific, smaller problems with it, but I'm keeping to the generalities.

If the problem of a story, especially a mystery, is given away too early, then the book should have twists and turns to the plot to incorporate the lack of adventure towards the realization of the main problem.
The Face on the Milk Carton just didn't have enough twists. You learn the problem in the first chapter. That is way too early when the ending is how it is (to find out what happens, read the book yourself. I am not trying to give away too much in this review. But beware: Read At Your Own Risk!) The book's conflicts are repetitive and when you read it, you feel a boring lag that pops up in some books. I think the book would have been better if we found out the main problem later in the story.

I don't think the type of character that Janie (the main character) is supposed to be is how she is shown in the book. She should be less dramatic and a little more sensible. She also keeps to herself about this tragedy. She should have told a psychiatrist at least. But the drama that comes with her is just about unbearable. I mean I get it that she is all out of whack and scared, but come on! She is too over reactive. Everything that had anything that reminded her of when she was a young little girl (like at around 3 years old), she'd freak out and have these "daymares". Daymares are when you have a nightmare in place of a daydream. I can see a little trauma because she's the victim, but this is like she's turned into a drama queen of insanity! Oh, by the way, she tries to deal with her whole ordeal by herself. But she is so insane that she does it in the most implausible ways! "You know, I think I'll use a letter...or maybe even just go to the Spring's house! Maybe my ingenious ideas will work...or maybe blow up in my face! Hmm. I will just go insane and what ever happens happens." These are some of Janie's best (or worst you decide) ideas/doings. They either make everything better or worse in her life!

Tell me, if you were a possible kidnappee, would you feel comfortable around the people that might have kidnapped you, and who have posed as your parents for 12 years of your life? I know that I'd feel a little bit uncomfortable. But Janie Johnson must never feel this, never have felt this, and never will feel this around her kidnappers. She still wants to be with them. They did give her a great life...well until now. Now they give her a little stress because she might have been kidnapped, but still doesn't want to leave their house or presence for a long while (like staying with her real parents). This type of relationship just never happens in real life! Another thing to make one a little nervous around them is that their first (and only biological) kid ran to a group that she got involved in. That must tell you that they screwed up the first time. At this point, I think relationships might have (or plausibly would have) been damaged/changed forever. Janie must have been emotionally super glued to her "parents". Their relationship should have been more of an akward, not loving/caring type to eachother at this point.

Well I think you all have guessed how bad I thought this book was. If you liked it, then I'm happy that someone found enjoyment out of it, but if you haven't read it, then I advise it that you don't ever pick it up. I have to say that this is one of the worst books I have ever read. I give it a 3 out of 10. It's only up this high because I think it had potential to become a great, read-it-10-timer, but it just didn't make me feel that way about it. If only a few changes were made, it could've been very enjoyable. There is a bright side though (there is always a bright side to everything)! I now have something to compare horrible things to: The Face in the Milk Carton!

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AliPants said...
on Feb. 4 2009 at 5:25 pm
Great job, Mista T! I definitely agree with you, the books was disappointing and just bland.

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