Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

January 25, 2009
By Michaela Farrell, Sea Girt, NJ

I used to never think twice about vampires, werewolves, and other mythical creatures, but Twilight by Stephanie Meyer made me believe in the supernatural as if it were standing right next to me shaking my hand. In this immaculately written novel of romance and action, bashful Bella Swan takes you on a journey through her life at Forks High School with the outlandish Cullen Clan and her high school comrades.

The suspense will bury anyone daring to pick up this attention-grabbing read, but the agitation is absolutely bearable because once you have finished, you will be hunting for more of this love saga. This novel should have caution tape attached to it explaining how addicting this saga can get at numerous times. Addiction is what I think makes this novel fantastic. To tell you the truth, it will be devastatingly hard to work your hands down from the sides of this novel and your eyes off the current page.

This book explains the total trustworthiness and love of two very distinct teens, battling their way through high school and malicious and cruel acquaintances on the way. In this novel, the obvious themes are opposites attract and differences go a long way. Edward and Bella’s relationship always has been based on one’s a vampire, and the other’s not. Edward and Bella are better off to be called dark and light because they couldn’t be more diverse. When Bella moves to Forks, escaping her engaged mom and choosing to live with her single father named Charlie, she becomes Miss. Popularity because of Charlie’s career as a Forks Policeman. Bella isn’t used to being in pure limelight, so she lays low until she meets the fervent Edward Cullen. Edward’s crooked smile immediately draws Bella to him. If you should really look at Edward Cullen for a second glance, you will see his beautiful golden eyes, his exquisite blond locks, and his ice-cold, white as a ghost skin. The description in this book is one of the reasons why I find this book so irresistible to read. Some can say the two share love at first sight, but Edward sees this so called ‘love’ much differently.

When the two finally get together, after much hatred and many scowls, Edward tells Bella one of the most confidential secrets there are, and Bella is not to let anyone in on it. Even her mother and father are to never let the secret pass their ears. How fervent can this secret be exactly? Later in the book, when the Cullen Clan are playing their out-of-the-ordinary game of baseball, trouble seems to be wreaking havoc, and it’s all over Bella. Will Bella survive this certain trouble? Is this certain secret what is out to kill her? Or will Edward stop the madness and save the love of his existence?

This volume’s setting is located in the dreary and rainy town of Forks, Washington in the present day. Miami would be the total opposite of Forks because in Miami there is sun, sun, and more sun. While in Forks, sun is the last thing you would ever see. Even though Forks has beaches, there is never a day where anyone in the right mind would want to sit down on a fold out chair and take a pleasant dip. Stephanie Meyer makes you not only see this, but feel this as well. Stephanie Meyer is the most talented author anyone who is fortunate enough to lay his or her eyes upon. This wonderful woman currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and three young sons. Stephanie graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English at the Brigham Young University. Twilight absolutely skyrocketed her writing career, so she continues on other books like The Host and more of the Twilight Saga like New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn. Twilight was the first success that Stephanie has ever published.

Twilight is superior to any other book that I have ever read in my entire existence. I suppose the writing style is truly decent, but I would much appreciate it if Bella Swan took one for the team and allowed Edward to start talking about his perspective of the duo meeting each other, and other events in the story. Other than that tiny detail, I feel that the writing really reaches out and makes people believe that this is the perspective of a teenage girl just moving to a new school and has a lot of information thrust upon her. This novel is strictly based as a love saga and also can be classified as an action thriller. If you are not one for love stories of true romance, than this is not the book for you. However, if you do enjoy those kinds of stories, or never have read a novel like Twilight, I do encourage you to read this enchanting volume. Twilight consists of about five hundred and fifty pages and 24 chapters but the consistent reader can breeze through it within two weeks tops. This novel is young adult fiction because of the mythical creatures and some of the language and gestures.

I truly adored this immaculate collection and finished the whole vampire love sage (a.k.a Twilight Saga) in the time period of just two weeks! This addicting series will make you hungry for more every page you turn. Stephanie Meyer deserves a pat on the back and a meaningful round of pure applause for her completion of Twilight and the rest of the series with it. I would greatly appreciate it if today, you took the initiative of going to the library and picking out this book and started reading instantaneously. Twilight was an unbelievably remarkable read that you should bury your eyes into without delay.

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