The Outsiders

January 23, 2009
By Aileen Silva, Colorado Springs, CO

In a flash you finish reading the book, “The Outsiders,”
as did I just days ago. This captivating story has so many intriguing things to tell us about real-life situations. The amazing novel tells us about how young teenagers such as; “greasers” and “socs”, have sort of gang wars to earn respect. Quite truthfully though, I don’t think you resolve any problems by fighting. These people know how they’re suppose to act but they decide not to listen. They’re like deaf people who don’t listen deep inside themselves. THEY’RE LOST IN LIFE! Anyways, you learn about non-fictional problems with young teenagers today, and years ago. Any person who’s sadly related to; gangs, violence, drugs, etc, should know how they’re not all that different from all these other gangs. They can all easily relate to one another. So why do they need to earn respect? Why can’t they just be equally treated? So why can’t they just get along? Therefore, this book has many surprising twists to it. You need to read it to actually understand. Anyone who knows devastating situations that don’t let them move on or grow as a person should read this fascinating story.

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