Lord of the Flies by William Golding

January 20, 2009
Lord of the Flies by William Golding is set in the mid 1900s. The book is about boys that turn into animals and by the end of the book they have turned into animals. But don't let this turn you down it is a fabulous book full of mystery and adventure.

The author wrote the book in third person. The book would not have been as easy to comprehend if it was in first person it allows you to get into multiple peoples heads. After I read the book I went over parts of it again and put them in first person and it would have been much harder to read.

The book takes place on an island in the middle of the ocean. The author did not give an exact location in the book. I'm guessing the island is about one square mile. The island has a small sea wall around some parts due to trees falling on top of each other.

As William develops the character he makes them believe able and real characters are essential to a good story. As the story the moves along the boys start to lose their wits and only the main character is staying sane. The other boys start to go mad and start tribal dances and slaughter pigs that are on the island.

The main characters are Piggy and the dark haired kid who's names reveals itself in the beginning of the story. Piggy is a bigger boy who has asthma and kind of a weak person emotionally. The dark haired boy on the other hand is good looking and has dark hair of course and takes control of the boys early on in the story. As the story moves on the boys don't really like the way he runs things. And then things start to go downhill for him.
Over all the book is really good and the author keeps you reading. I thought it was a good book and I'm not really into books.

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