War of the Worlds

January 20, 2009
This book was okay in some aspects such as the plot. They combined futuristic technology with 19th century England. They used very different language that people now a days would have trouble understanding. It gets very repetitive and makes little sense in a large portion of the book. They mention many locations that you have no background information on so you cant tell if it’s a city or landform.

When they combine the futuristic technology with the old technology of humans it makes for a very interesting plot. It might make you think that the humans have no way of winning and some people might not like that but I thought it made it very interesting. That was one of the only things I liked about this book.

In a large section of the book when he was talking about his brother he would tell the story of what his brother did in perfect detail as if all of it was happening at that moment even though he was still in first person perspective. He would say things such as “My brother walked…” and it got confusing at some moments to whether he was telling a story or stalking his brother.

The author uses language from the time period in which the book was written so late 19th century England. It was hard to understand the meaning of some words he used just because it was used over a century ago. I personally like to understand what I’m reading but other people have their own tastes.

The last point I want to make is that it takes place in England so most readers wont have much background information of the locations that they so often name in the book without giving any background information about it. It could easily confuse someone because they might not know it the place they named is a river, city, or landform. That confused me in some parts of the book.

All around this book isn’t all that appealing to me but I’m not a big fan of sci-fi novels. If you like sci-fi then you will like this book but I don’t recommend it for non sci-fi fans.

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