Beyond Belief

January 16, 2009
By Anonymous

The book Beyond Belief is about the determination of a man to play baseball. Josh Hamilton was no ordinary kid growing up. He developed great skills for baseball as a young boy. He was able to throw a baseball like a thirteen year old when he was only six years of age. Josh was drafted as the first round pick straight out of high school. That was a huge mile stone in his life, the only thing is he started to get into drugs and thought they were more important then his life long dream of playing baseball. He started to not care about the game, his family, and most of all, his grandmother who had always been there for him. If it were not for Josh's grandmother he wouldn't be playing baseball today. She put him in rehab herself, in her own house. This was the only way to make sure he was not buying drugs. Josh made a full come back and is now playing with the Rangers. I found this book very inspirational. Josh Hamilton is a very strong person to overcome such strong odds and realize what is important. I give this book five stars all the way! The book showed me that as long as you work hard enough you can fulfill your dreams.

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