Freak the Mighty

January 15, 2009
By Mary Sharp, Sea Girt, NJ

Freak the Mighty is an inspirational book about two loving friends that stick up for each other. It tells about the experiences they share together. As they bond together, one short and one tall, they are challenged with obstacles that they have to overcome. The author Rodman Philbrick mentions many hardships and surprising events that happen to each character. It is filled with excitement and sorrow.

Throughout this book, there are many themes but the number one choice would have to e friendship. Max and Kevin have made a friendship and bond that is forever lasting. They form something that is really special and is hard to find. They are both true friends to each other and would do anything for one another. To me, that is being a real friend to someone.

Maxwell Kane, a closed in middle school young boy, lives with his grandparents that he calls Grim and Gram. His low self-esteem doesn't help him make friends especially because he knows he looks like his father, a murderer who killed his mother when he was young. This depressed boy comes out of his dark basement when an intelligent little kid comes into his life.

Another main character, Kevin Avery, is a crippled little boy who is very small, but has a big brain. His nickname, Freak, is what Max calls him throughout the story. Even though he is short, he sticks up for Max when he needs it and more importantly become his friend.

When Kevin moves down the block form Max, they start to hang out and create a friendly bond. They fight through obstacles and help one another in need. Together they become Freak the Mighty and defeat anything in the way.

There are many different surprising elements in this story. From unexpected visits from people to devastating tragedies. This book is filled with adventure packed material that wants you to keep on reading. Eventually they encounter some unusual friends Iggy and Loretta that help them though things that they cannot overcome. Their friendship expresses itself when telling theses fascinating stories.

I would have the say the main genre of Freak the Mighty, would be a combination of genres. It has friendship between Freak and Max, Love between Max and his grandparents, Hatred and horror between his father and him, and sorrow with Kevin and Max. It explains many things at once and how they are feeling and their different emotions towards the other characters.

The writing style of Freak the Mighty was interesting because it was in Max's point of view. It always was telling about how he felt, but I was wondering how the other characters felt in different chapters. I f it was in the perspective of someone else, I think maybe it would be more interesting.

The book is very enjoyable and easy to read. It can teach you many things about every day life especially because it is in the view of a middle school kid. It uses brilliant adjectives and descriptions on different parts. This pleasurable, loving, scary, but most of all, heart warming book was intruiging and fun to read.

Rodman Philbrick is and extraordinary author and uses many of his talents in his books. He was written many successful novels such as Taken, The Young Man and the Sea, The Last Book in the Universe, and many more. He grew up on the New England coast and started writing when he was young. He is now very successful and doing what he enjoys doing.

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