The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

January 15, 2009
To Ponyboy, you are one of two kinds of people, a Greaser or a Social. If you're a greaser you always have your hair slicked back with enough grease to fry a hamburger. If you're a Soc you are a rich kid with a sweater vest. You also HATE the greasers.
In this riveting tale you will see a new side of these so called “gang members”. When Johnny, Ponyboy's friend, kills a Soc in a fight, the two Greasers run away. There they find an all new kind of bravery as they embark new journeys, new troubles, and find out that there isn't just Greaser and Soc. This book is a perfect selection for people that like a heart pounding experience.
I had to read this book for a course in school and it was great. I would definitely recommend it for middle school students, as it has a great plot line and an awesome ending.

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