Losers by Matthue Roth

January 15, 2009
By Graham .R., Chelsea, MI, MI

Losers is a great read for anybody just starting middle school. I'd recommend it to anybody 13 and up. The reason I chose this book is I could relate to the main character, Jupiter Glazer. Even though he's in the 9th grade, or a freshman, I could still kind of relate to him. Some of his problems were similar to mine. Now, let me get on with the story.
Jupiter Glazer is just starting ninth grade at his high school. He came from communist Russia when he was 8 years old on his birthday. When he and his parents got to America, his parents got all of the stuff that they never got to have in Russia or music they never got to listen to. Then he went through grade school and was a nerd, or a loser. He finally decides that after being picked on the first few days of high school by the local bully, that he's going to change his life and not become a loser anymore. He goes though the year by making new friends, learning secrets about some of those new friends, and figuring out the true meaning of being a loser.

I'm not going to reveal anymore. The author of the book is Matthue Roth. Some of my views about the book were it wasn't the average high school book, it was very interesting. Other views I have of this book is this is for anybody who thinks they are a loser in their school life. If you think that and then read this, you might think otherwise. Another view that I have of this book is even though people might hate reading, I am not a person who likes reading either. But I picked up this book and I would read it again in a heartbeat. So even if you don't like reading, just try reading this book.

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