Summer Ball by Mike Lupica

January 14, 2009
Do you love basketball? If so, you should read Summer Ball, by Mike Lupica. This book is a realistic fiction the story is a sequel to the book Travel Team, also by Mike Lupica. The main character, Danny Walker is just coming off an impressive win in the championship game, he is now trying to step his game up by going to one of the elite camps in the country. While he is there with his two best friends, he finds out that he will be on the same team as his enemy, Rasheed Hill, for the remainder of the camp. Will they get along and pull out a camp championship on the same team?

Lupica did a great job of keeping you reading. The plot structure was perfect. As soon as you were getting bored, another major event would happen. Lupica also did a great job with the setting he paints a great picture in your head, and gives the reader a sense of what Danny is feeling by the words he uses in this great novel. I really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone that loves basketball and is in middle school.

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