Amaryllis by Craig Crist-Evans

January 13, 2009
By Kacy Breza, Dexter, MI

How do you think you would react if your brother or sister were in the Vietnam War? Would you be scared? Well,
when you read the historical fiction novel, Amaryllis, by Craig Crist-Evans, you will see a brotherly trust and love that
you never knew was possible.

In Crist-Evans's book, Frank (older brother) is in Vietnam while Jimmy (younger brother/narrator) is at home.
Throughout the book, you will notice letters from Frank to Jimmy, telling him about how it is in Vietnam and what he
has seen in the different jungles and what he has done. After Jimmy has read the letters, he narrates about Frank,
the old times that they spent together.

This book is full of action, and also drama. Personally, as I was reading this book, It felt as though I had not only been through some of Frank and Jimmy's life obstacles, but it seemed as though I was with them in the book as the action took place. Craig Crist-Evans has “the magic touch” when it comes to writing books. For instance, at the beginning of each chapter, you read one letter that Frank has written to Jimmy, and when you are done reading the letter, you start reading about Jimmy and how the times were when his brother was home compared to how it is now
This historical fiction novel is great and interesting. I highly recommend it for grades 6th and up.

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