The Long Patrol

January 13, 2009
By Rylee Hanson, Ann Arbor, MI

Have you ever met a talking mouse before? How about a hare that lives to eat and fight wars? That's exactly what happens in Brian Jacques, The Long Patrol. When young Tammo runs away from home with the help of his mother and a friend, to seek adventure because his father will not let him go, he soon sets off to stop Damug Warfang and his evil horde. On the way, he meets up with the hilarious, but perilous long patrol hares. Then they all must go and protect the innocent creatures of Redwall, where the South outer wall is sinking and will need to be put under construction, making them an easy target to their enemies. And there is also something creeping along down under there, and it is getting hungry, so what will happen when some young child is to fall in?

Jacques puts you on the perilous battlefield with all of his great descriptions. This thrilling tale will have you wishing you could read faster the suspense is so great. But when the book is over you will still want more. This fantasy tale is perfect for anyone of any age. Especially for classic fantasy fans. With brave, and courageous redwall creatures, and evil and wicked Damug, this is a battle of good vs. evil that you will never forget.

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