Hidden Talents by: David Lubar

January 13, 2009
By Tenzin R., Chelsea, MI

Have you ever read in the newspapers that some guy achieved greatness using only his mind? Or maybe reading in a science magazine that people have a skill in foreseeing the future? If you have, and ever want to read about it, in a fun, understanding way, you should try this book.

Martin Anderson gets kicked out of 4 different schools for mouthing off to teachers. His 5th and final school is called Edgeview Alternative. Edgeview Alternative is surrounded by a 8-foot wall with barbed wire on top of it. This school is a home to freaks. That’s what the “normal” kids call them. People outside of this school fear Edgeview freaks, but they don’t know the full personality of these “special” kids.

This book is filled with humor, sarcasm, full of personality quirks, and is written in a 1st person perspective. Even though this is David’s first book, it is my favorite. David Lubar has written many other books, from In The Land Of The Lawn Weenies, to a magical book called Flip. From reading David Lubar’s book, you can see how David Lubar thinks. You can see more books at www.Davidlubar.com. If you like science or realistic fiction I would recommend this book to you!

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