The Clique by Lisa Harrison

January 13, 2009
By Amanda Lake, Dexter, MI

If you're in high school and deal with friend drama, then listen up. There is a book you should read, The Clique, by Lisa Harrison. The Clique is a realistic fiction book, where four best friends Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen, do everything together. School is about to start and Claire, the new girl, is moving into Massie's guesthouse. Claire tries to fit in with Massie and her friends. She just doesn't have the right clothes or style to fit in. After awhile, Claire sneaks in Massie's room and instant messages Massie's friends pretending to be Massie and makes them start to hate Massie and like Claire more. When Massie's friends start hanging out with Claire, Massie realizes something is wrong and talks to them. Meanwhile, Massie is “crushing” for this one guy named Chris. Chris has a girlfriend but Massie doesn't know, Massie ditches her friends to hang out with Chris and his sister without telling her friends what she was doing. After many battles between Massie and Claire they have a party at Massie's house. Do Claire and Massie become friends or have a catfight in front of everyone?

I love Lisa Harrison's writing style, and the way she puts the dialog, when it's in text messaging form. The way the author uses the text to connect to the readers is another good writing style that wowed me. I really enjoyed this book because it was about girl drama with her friends and boys which I enjoy reading. Drama connects to my life and that attracts me to this book. I would recommend this book to anyone in middle school and up. Middle school is where most of the guy and friend drama starts and keeps going though life. I think it would be good to read this book and series to hear about some types of drama you could deal with in life. I cannot wait to finish reading The Clique series to see what happens for Claire, if she ever fits in and other things that could happen. I also want to see what else Lisi Harrison comes out with, because I enjoy reading her books.

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