Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

January 13, 2009
By Emalie Taylor, Ann Arbor, MI

“Usually you are in a better mood when you eyes are so light,” Bella said.
In the fantasy book, Twilight, Stephenie Meyer tells the story of a girl named Bella who moves from sunny Arizona to rainy Forks to live with her dad, Charlie. Bella isn’t excited to go to a rainy place, meet new friends, and go to a new school. When Bella meets new friends and starts sitting with them everyday at lunch, she sees a boy named Edward sitting with his family. Bella said Edward had pale white skin and honey colored eyes at times. He didn’t look human, he was perfect. What was he? Bella sat next to him in biology but never talked to him. Later on in the book, Bella starts to notice Edward is different. He can get from one place to another so quickly. He can pick things up before even thinking about picking it up. When Bella started to talk to Edward more, he started to tell her he wasn’t like the others. He was dangerous and she needed to stay away from him.

I think Stephenie Meyer is a great author. I like how she brings the characters to life by the way she describes them. I like the vocabulary she used throughout the book. I also like the romantic and friendship theme of her books and the message she is sending to the readers. Twilight is one of my favorite books because Bella and Edward make the book so interesting you can’t stop reading it. Twilight is a love story with a twist and I have never read a book like this. I recommend this book to boys and girls around the age of twelve and older. I also recommend this book for people who like reading mysteries, love stories, and books about vampires. I really enjoyed reading Twilight and I think you will, too. The excitement of the book won’t let you stop reading.

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