Doctor Who: Forever Autumn

January 13, 2009
By Chelsea Graham, Dexter, MI

On a crisp October evening, a young boy finds a mysterious book under the monstrous black tree in his yard. In the novel, Doctor Who: Forever Autumn, by Mark Morris, this boy unknowingly caused the Halloween spookiness to appear betimes.

It is up to the Doctor and his companion, Martha Jones, to save the little town of Blackwood Falls, and more importantly, the people who live there.

The creatures standing in their way are the Hervoken; an ancient alien species that has been lying dormant under Earth’s crust for thousands of years.

When they decide to endure a voyage back to their home world, they must find a fuel source for their ship; fear.

The main mission of the Hervoken is to strike terror in the minds of the humans, to power their voyage home.

Will the Doctor be able to save Blackwood falls- the festive celebration and the people? Will the Hervoken be defeated, or find a way to their planet?

This story is excellent for readers who enjoy humor. The author’s stellar writing style keeps the reader intrigued, constantly wanting nothing more than to read just one more sentence.

The plot is most definitely one of a kind. Unpredictable events “leap out at you”, and always surprise you. You will be dragged into the story, and, due to the author’s great imagery, you will feel like you are there, experiencing the story, having conversations with the characters.

This is a wonderful book, especially for young adults. Mark Morris uses very colorful vocabulary, which makes it natural and easy for teenagers to learn new words and phrases. This is an appropriate book for middle school and high school students.

The author's comments:
This is a wonderful book, and I recommend reading other books in the series, also.

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