A Horse of Her Own

January 12, 2009
By Alexandra Haggard, Battle Creek, MI

Have you even known what the life Did you ever think of what kind of life it would be to own your own horse?? A girl named Jane is riding a beautiful horse named Beau at Sunny Acre Farms. She is having so much fun that one day Beau has been sold to a girl named Meagan and Jane was devastated. Susan, her riding instructor is asking she rides the Warmblood, Lancelot. He was a shaky but when she was on him, he felt very calm. My opinion about this book is that this book touches my heart and It will give children and people around the world the feeling of what it feel likes to lose a very special friend and gain new ones.
In the book Jane would always say,
“You know what my favorite quote is?”
It always inspires me to learn more about horses and how they interact with their owner and other horses. Jane is a wonderful rider at Sunny Acres and she is at summer camp when something goes wrong. She doesn’t know what to do so she would just sit there thinking about him. Do you know what will happen next? You got to read the book to find out. Do you think Jane will be strong to handle this mighty horse or will she not?

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