Beckham Both Feet on the Ground: An Autobiography

January 9, 2009
By Bret C, Chelsea, MI

“Two seconds remaining, Beckham with the shot, GOAL!” Beckham Both Feet on the Ground is a good sports book for anyone who is interested in soccer. David Beckham shows his readers what he has been through, all the way from birth to playing professional with many teams in a 1st person prespective. Beckham is a little bit long, but once you pick it up you can't stop reading it, it is almost as if the book was glued to your hands. I know that the first time I picked it up I read to page 200.
The book as I said starts with Beckham being born in a soccer/futbal loving family. As he gets older his love for the beautiful game skyrockets. Playing in a boy's soccer league as a child helped that a lot. Beckham goes on to play for his High Schools team, then to many professional teams. This book has also some things not related to soccer like falling in love with Victoria and later on marring her. Beckham also shows his love for his children.
I think that this is a very inspirational story of his life an excellent book for anyone to read that is interested in soccer.

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