Pride and Prejudice

January 8, 2009
Pride and Prejudice is considered one of the best romantic novels of all time. With multiple love stories going on, many different views on love occur. With Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy you have the true love. She thinks he's arrogant, while he thinks she's "tolerable." Throughout the whole book the love escalates into something so beautiful, it makes you fall in love with Darcy as well. The second love story is that of Jane and Bingley. It's a kind, shy love. They come from two completely different worlds. Everyone in Bingley's relation thinks its wrong, while everyone is pushing Jane. Through all the ups and downs it becomes an almost cute love. The third love story is one that still happens in our world today. A rushed love, by a teenage girl. It also portrays what "love" was like in that time. Lydia and Wickham's love is one that you could almost learn from. It also gives the story an almost humorous edge. Jane Austin was a great author, even inspiring. So many of her novels give us a reason to remember the good love that is really out there. This book is marvelous in so many ways. The different stories always keep you reading. It's a delightful read.

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