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Paper Towns by John Green

January 20, 2015
By chloe1a BRONZE, New City, New York
chloe1a BRONZE, New City, New York
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I have recently read the Book Paper Towns by John Green and have enjoyed it very much. The main characters are Quentin (Q) and Margo. Other big characters in the book are Ben, Radar, and Lacey. Quentin has liked Margo since they were kids and he is drawn to everything about her, including her mysteries. One Night Margo takes Q on a crazy adventure around their little town in Florida. The next day Margo goes missing. Quentin soon finds out Margo left clues for him, but did she leave enough? Quentin soon is on a wild goose chase, finding out who Margo really is and helping her find herself. In order to do that he must first find himself. His friends ben, Radar and Lacey help him do this by coming along on a crazy road trip. I really enjoyed this book because it was the perfect combination of comedy, sadness, truth and adventure. One of my favorite scenes is when Quentin and Ben find the abandoned building with the rolled up carpet and blanket inside it. I really liked it because it was such a shock to Quenin to see how Margo had been living and that she wasn’t really as strong and brave a person as he thought she was. Margo was really like everyone else and she was sad and had her moment and that she needs help now. It was an important part in the book because it is when Q found out Margo really was just living in abandoned houses and not out on another big adventure. It was a game changing moment for Quentin and the book and John Green did a really good job portraying it. Another one of my favorite scenes is when Q finds Margo in the end, it wasn’t exactly the ending I was looking for but I still really liked how they buried the journal in the end and let go of their old self in order to become who they are and move on.

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