Raising Atlantis by Thomas Greanias MAG

By Stuart Siberski, Hockessin, DE

If you’re interested in reading an exciting survival story with lots of twists, do I have a book for you! Raising Atlantis is an amazing life-and-death tale in which all life on Earth is threatened with extinction.

The story begins with earthquakes shattering the peaceful silence of Antarctica. A military expedition is sent to investigate. Two miles beneath the ice they find what they believe to be the missing city of Atlantis. The main character, Dr. Conrad Yeats, calls Atlantis “the mother culture” he’s been looking for his whole life. They unearth frozen bodies, the power to sink islands and coastal cities, a starship capable of traveling to the heavens, and knowledge about life that precedes us.

But will all be lost because of one man’s greed? The fate lies on his shoulders. Greanias masterfully engages the reader with a captivating writing style that makes you feel you are on the expedition with Conrad Yeats. Greanias leads the reader to the answer to these questions, yet leaves his audience hanging with a cliffhanger that can only be unlocked in the sequel, The Atlantic Prophecy.

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