thirty nine clues

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I am acting as a news paper reporter and talking about this book

There are two main characters in this book. The names of the two main characters are Amy and Dan Cahill. Amy and Dan are brother and sister. They are teenagers from Boston. Amy and Dan are daring and willing to risk everything they know for a treasure hunt.

It starts when Amy and Dan’s grandmother dies. They go to the funeral and then they are called into the mansion for the reading of the will. When everyone is done gathering and they are calmed down they realize that the Cahill pedigree is more important than they realized. The Cahill’s are the most powerful family to every live on earth. Now they must make a choice either take one million dollars and walk out an instant millionaire or you can forgo the million and risk your lives trying to find thirty nine clues. Each clue leads you closer to becoming the most powerful person on Earth. Suspense starts right in the mansion in their grandmother’s secret library. As they are trying to find the first clue in the library a fire breaks out and it engulfs the whole mansion turning it to nothing behind.
The setting of this book starts in Boston and the first clue takes them across the Atlantic to Paris. In Paris they find that clues are related to Benjamin Franklin. must race several family members for the chance of a life time.

Over all I enjoyed this book. At times it seemed kid of geared towards younger kids. But I ended up really liking this book. I would recommend this book for fifth grade to eighth graders. Even though it was kind of meant to be for younger kids I liked it.

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