Tournament Upstart

December 18, 2008
By justin carder, Whitmore Lake, MI

The title is Tournament upstart by Thomas Dygard. it is very descriptive and detailed especially in parts where they play in games.

The new kid jimmy who moved from Texas is disliked by his new teammates, he tries to fit in but he is used to a more "flashy" type of playing style, and although helpful to the team he's exactly what they didn't want on the team. as he caries the team up the mountain on his back, they hit a few bumps, there intimidated by there rivals and are slacking there self confidence, faith, and motivation. But are they also lacking their talent and skills needed when it comes to game time? If u want to find out you have to read the book.

I think the book is really interesting and I would recommend it to people who enjoy basketball and understanding life skills. it has many parts that get you're adrenaline pumping and your thoughts racing on about what will happen next. I feel that I made a good choice by picking this book because I enjoy how it was set up to be read. I would read it again in the future.

The author's comments:
book is really good,and teenink is an awsome magazine

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