A Mango Shaped Space

December 18, 2008
By Elizabeth Beattie, Ann Arbor, MI

I thought I was normal until the third grade. I thought that everyone saw as much color as I did. It all stared in math class. I had to do a problem on the board. I could feel eyes on the back of my head. I thought if I waited long enough the bell would ring and I could be free. I decided to write down a random answer with the white chalk, but I decided to do it with the right color because number 14 was not white, it was a blue color. I reached for the blue chalk and was about to write down the answer when the teacher stopped me. “What are you doing Mia.” She asked in a cold tone.
“I am using blue the color of 14” I said like I was saying “duh”.
“No Mia you cannot using blue use the white chalk, and cut out the colored numbers nonsense.”
I didn't know what to think. Why wouldn't she let me use the blue chalk? I didn't understand. Any way blue was 14. Everyone laughed at me. I was sent own to the office for what seemed like no reason. However I knew there was one, and it was about me seeing colors. Then I knew I was far from an ordinary third grader, I was a freak.
A Mango Shaped Space is about what seems like an ordinary girl, but isn't. Most people see in color, some see in black and white, but Mia sees more color than anyone she knows. Sounds letters and movement have color to her. If you slam the door she sees rings of brown, the color A is hay yellow.
She has a cat named Mango. Mango has orange, yellow colored eyes, but that's not why she named him mango. His purrs, meows, and wheezes are various colors of orange and yellow.
Mia has to do a project in history and is stuck with this guy named Mike. She finds out that he goes to acupuncture and she wants to try it out. When she does her colors go insane, but she loves it, because everyone has a color. She sees where people have been.
This book is all about finding out whom Mia really is inside and she looses something important to find out.
This book is heart felt and you feel like you are right next to Mia. There is a lot of descriptive words and dialoged. I feel that if I were right next to Mia it would feel exactly the same as reading the book. I read this book in 4 days and it usually takes along time for me to read books. If someone asked me to read this book again I would be happy to.
Reading about this disease makes me wonder if there is a disease like this. Can people really see to much color? I know that people see in black and white and are color blind but I have never heard this ever before.
I would recommend this book to anyone that loves to read and likes thought shots and dialoged.

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