Because Of Winn Dixie

December 18, 2008
By valerie manners, Dexter, MI

“ Winn Dixie!!” Opal, blurted out of her mouth with a sense of regret. Opal was not going to let that dog go the pound. A phenomenal story, Because Of Winn Dixie, is by Kate DiCamillo. I have enjoyed this book many times.
Because Of Winn Dixie is a story based on a ten year-old girl, Opal. When her father the town preacher, and her both moved to Naomi, Florida Opal feel in love with a dog at first site. She was at the local market when a dog was let lose in the store. The homeless dog didn't have anyone to care for it, so Opal toke it home and named it after the store he was found in, Winn Dixie. Winn Dixie and Opal both made good friends, including the town librarian, Miss. Fanny, Otis the owner of the pet store, and Gloria Dump the old woman that all the town children think is a witch because of her junkie yard, but she is a blind sweet woman.
This book has let me realize that if you have one pet then you should be thankful for it. Opal, an only child found a dog that she became good friends with. Even if you have siblings that you may or may not get along with, it always feels good to know that you have a pet that will love you unconditionally. I loved this book it let me realize something that not many people do.

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