The Da Vinci Code

December 17, 2008
By Edward True, Cambridge, MA

In this book Robert Langdon (Angels and Demons) comes back for more riddles and puzzles, with him is the cryptographer Sophie Nevue. This spellbinding tale depicts how an organization called Opus Dei is trying to destroy the Holy Grail and the truth about Jesus Christ's blood line. Another secret organization is trying to stop them (of course). According to one of the characters “ you are witnessing the greatest cover-up in human history”. This book, the Da Vinci Code, is a book any older kid and adults would enjoy.

This is the first event in Dan Brown's compelling novel The Da Vinci Code. A gunshot rings out through the Louvre, the curator of the Louvre is dying in his own museum, his name is Jacques Sauniere. In a frantic effort he leaves clues on some paintings and the floor. As he lay dying on the floor he makes a life size vetruvian man using himself and his own blood. All, in hopes his granddaughter will understand. Also that Robert Langdon will understand too.

With the help of Sophie Nevue, the cryptographer, Langdon cracks some seemingly impossible codes. Some are behind some of the most famous paintings in the world. In the meantime he travels all over Europe (again). On his way he meets two people who at first try to help but then turn on them. There are a lot of twists and turns in this epic novel.

My experience reading this book was a good one, it was a real page-turner. I could not put the book down at times! The Da Vinci code glued my eyes to the page and wouldn't let go. I just had to find out what would happen next, what the next clue would be, and where it would be. The book trapped me with its excellent literature.

In conclusion, The Ad Vinci Code is not a “kids book”. There are guns, broken bones, tombs, and murder. So much killing and death all in one book blanketed with mystery and suspense. Also, be prepared , there are some very shocking and disturbing moments entwined within everything else. So, I think if you are into suspenseful mysteries than pick up The Da Vinci Code. Also, for a rating, I'd give the Da Vinci Code three out of four stars.

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