World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde (review)

December 17, 2008
By Ryan McDonough, Dexter, MI

This is an action packed tale of the ruthless Orcs and the alien species, the Dreanei. full of deception and betrayal. This book is a rare treat for any one that is remotely interested in the fantasy genera.

This book is a thrilling story of the war between the orcs and the dreanei and their political and religious differences. The Orcs and the Dreanei where once great allies and together conquered the powerful Burning Legion, but when one of the Burning Legion's former leaders Kil'Jeaden posed as their “Sacred Ancestor” which is their equivalent of a god. Kil'Jeaden then told the orcs highest shaman Ner'Zuhl to wipe out the Dreanei race because they would soon betray the Orcs. The peaceful dreanei wanted to end the slaughtering of their innocent people so they sent an unarmed messenger to an orcish city carrying a message from Prophet Valen requesting a meeting. The messenger was inevitably killed but the orcs had received the message. The Orgrim doomhammer, the leader of the frostwolf clan has a different point of view on the conflict. He does not believe that the dreanei will do any thing wrong to the orcs because they have previously shown nothing but hospitality to them,

In this book the author used a style that switched point of views from one side of the conflict to the other, which made it hard to determine the protagonist and the antagonist unless you looked deep into the plot. One of the characters in this book, Orgrim Doomhammer , really grabbed me and pulled me into the plotline because he had a differing opinion from many of his kind and disobeyed orders. This book would be a wonderful choice for anyone interested in the fantasy genre.

The author's comments:
Five out of five stars!

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