Breaking Dawn

December 17, 2008
Living for ever with the people you love, but with the risk of killing others. A dream that Bella Swan, the main character of Breaking Dawn, has had for a long time after meeting Edward. A vampire who could easily kill her in one swift move, yet they love each other passionately. Their love makes them forget about everyone around them, yet Bella can not convince Edward to make her a vampire also. In Breaking Dawn there are other “friends.” Jacob, Bella's best friend and a young werewolf, has had his “conflicts” with Bella's new family, but he is always there to help her out with her problems. You will have many emotions while tuning these pages it will feel like you're on a wild rollercoaster. This book will have readers dying to sink their teeth into it.

Picture the 1900's then picture an attractive teenage boy in the mix. That boy being Edward, Bella's love, saying phrases like “shall we?” or “as you wish.” He kept his language through his 90 years of living forever, so in the book you will think why he is talking like that sometimes. Edward is very smart, calm, collected, and kept to himself, but when he met Bella everything changed. He went out with her even though he wasn't supposed to and their love grew through 3 books. In this book they both know that they want to stay together, so they finally get married. There were some complications, but they got through it though. But Bella is a trouble magnet, so another problem came and found her. When you read this you never expect it because it comes out of nowhere and then the chapter ends. Through Stephanie Meyers writing and descriptions you feel like your standing right there with Bella. You get so rapped up in the book that you get tuned out of the real world like a radio.

Jacob was a cute little boy in the back round in the beginning, But he has grew through time. In the second book you find out that he his a werewolf and he helps out Bella so many times. One time he helped her was when Edward left her he helped try to get rid of her depression, but half of it was because he had a crush on her. Or when he left his pack to protect Bella because they thought that she would kill people in the city when she was a new vampire, but Bella was a very restrained new vampire for reasons they never told. Even though Jacob seemed like the good guy in the story I really didn't like him because of what he did sometimes and there are two instances that I totally wanted to rip out the page. One is when he came to Bella's wedding and started to tell her that she was making a big mistake and she could still get out of it. Another time is when he went to Bella's dad and showed him that he was a werewolf even though Bella was troubled with other things. Even though I have my strong hatred feelings toward him, without Jacob in Breaking Dawn there wouldn't be 2 things. One is that whole Jacob part in the book and the werewolf twist. I am glad that Jacob is in the book now matter what he does (sometimes).

People want books that make you want to read it every minute you have free, nonstop. Breaking Dawn fits that description very well in my eyes. My schedule would have reading after everything I did. I even read during my walks to my next class! Instead of learning about Spanish I would be thinking about where Bella and Edward are going on their honeymoon. The moods in this book change so frequently that I couldn't keep my emotions under control through the wild rollercoaster. I mood goes from sad to mad or surprised to really happy. I loved turning the pages and I hated stopping in the middle of a chapter, sometimes I would take out my book and start read when I wasn't supposed to(during class). I spent hours of my night getting closer and closer to the end. But in the back of my mind I would be telling myself that I don't want this series to end, so I could read it forever. When I did finish it I said to myself “wow, that was an awesome book and I loved it.” I think that you should have that type of experience after every book you read.

When I was finished reading I thought to myself, what was the theme of this book? I thought about it for a long time and came up with a lot, but then I realized that it had to fit all four books. Finally I came up with one and it is that strong relationships can overcome any problem big or small. That little statement shows up a lot in the book. One time it showed was when Edward knew that Bella was about to die he pumped his venom straight into her heart hoping that it would save her and it did. Another time it showed was when Bella knew she and Edward might die she made a plan that could help people runaway to safety during the fight. Bella had made a new family and acquired some new friends she couldn't watch them die so she used her new shielding skill (from being a vampire) to help them out and she did save them all. That is why I think the theme is that strong relationships can overcome any problem if they try and care hard enough.

The format that Stephanie Meyer used was very unique in this book. The first thing I noticed was that it was a 3 in 1 book. So she split the book up into three parts, one was in Bella's point of view (POV), the second part is in Jacob's POV, and the third was in Bella's POV again. I thought that it was really cool but it was hard to read the I form in Jacob's view of things because I am so use to Bella's POV. The author also used great descriptions, I could easily picture everyone in the book because of the way she described it. I sometimes felt like I was Bella or Jacob because I got so rapped up in the story. The vocabulary was very wide ranged in the story too. Sometimes I had to keep a dictionary near me because I didn't know a lot of words so my vocabulary got way bigger. I bet Stephanie kept a thesaurus nearby. This book has great words and format I think it is great because most books have their boring old format.

All in all, this book was awesome. Breaking Dawn is a book that makes you want to act like a vampire and sink your teeth into it. This takes fairy tale and love story on the highest level of the highest skyscraper. With it's friendly and frightening vampires, caring and uncaring werewolves, and very scary fights you can go from upbeat happy to downright sad. You get to see a love grow through these books and then finally have a happily ever after. I also got to learn the 1900's talk from a very reliable source (Edward). You might get scolded from your parents because you don't get enough sleep but that is a small price to pay to read this book. You also need to call a dictionary publisher and tell them to change to things. One is an 18yr old because Bella changed it and vampire because of this book. I think that every bookstore and library should have this book in stock. I loved reading this and when you read it I hope you do to. ☺

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manlytwilightguy said...
Jan. 21, 2010 at 12:54 pm
I love this story i wish i was watching bella and edward on their honeymoon. this book made me cry and i am a man i am 13 year old boy. I know the author she is cool
stephy123 said...
Feb. 26, 2009 at 5:45 pm
i was woundering if this book is used for english in schools
amy_flick said...
Dec. 23, 2008 at 5:04 am
I am very impressed! I feel like I don't even have to read the book now becuase this review was so complete. In addition, it is extremly well written.
Nicole101 replied...
Mar. 4, 2010 at 11:27 pm
I'm only on New Moon, but I can't wait to read Breaking Dawn now that I have read this arcticle. The Twilight series is the BEST!!!
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