The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

December 17, 2008
By April Coy, Dexter, MI, MI

Right now I am reading your book The sisterhood of the traveling pants by: Ann Brashares. . I really have enjoyed your book because it has that drama and suspense that people look for in a book. It has that interesting connections with peoples lives Ex- Lena paints while she is in Greece. A lot of people paint so some people would be interested in her character because one of her hobbies is to paint.

I like how the story is like a realistic sci -- fi about the pants. The rules for the pants were very interesting and smart like rule # 1 Never wash the pants. I get how you are supposed to keep the magic or the adventures they had in the pants. It is unique how all the girls are different shapes and sizes but they all still fit in the pants. Also I enjoy how they each have there own story and how they right letters to each other about every week.

Also I like how you used figurative language in the book. Overall I would give this book a 4-4 1/2. It gives that feeling that I want to keep reading the book and that it relates to me and it is just so interesting to me. It has a great point into why the character did that or how and it is really descriptive and it has a lot of detail. I like how they are all different in there own way. Ex- there personalities are very different but are still alike. It shows that they have been friends for a long time they know when something is wrong. Bridget interests me the most. She is a beautiful teenager in love with her coach Eric who is 3 years older than her and is trying to make that relationship work so it is encouraging to figure out if it works out. For Carmen I think she can sometimes she can be over dramatic. Lena is trying to get out of a relationship with Kostos but I think that she secret does have a crush on him. Last Tibby, she is making her movie with Bailey and I believe they are friends! Overall I really enjoyed this book.

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