December 17, 2008
Would it be possible to love someone if every second you were with them, they wanted to kill you? For Bella Swan, it is possible. In the book Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, an ordinary girl named Bella moves to a new town and meets a mysterious family. They are all incredibly beautiful and move like they are floating, and she is intrigued by them. One boy in the family, Edward, is especially interesting, and she finds herself falling in love with him. Little does she know, his family are vampires, and he must work extremely hard every day not to kill Bella, because her blood smells so good to him. Soon Bella is swept up into an adventure that she couldn't have imagined.

Bella is a very normal girl who lives in Pheonix, Arizona. She decides to move to a town called Forks, where it is always cloudy and almost never stops raining. At her first day of school, she sees a strange family named the Cullens. They have very pale skin, with dark rings under their eyes, and they act different than normal people. In her first biology class, she sits next to one of the boys in the family, named Edward. He has a horrible reaction to her, glaring at her the whole class and clenching his fists on his chair. She has no idea why, but she has no chance to ask him. He's the most beautiful person she's ever seen, but she's frightened by what he did in the class. He's gone from school for several days, but when he comes back he acts normal and kind to her. Soon Edward starts doing incredible and impossible things. He stops a van from crushing Bella in the school parking lot with his bare hands, and refuses to tell her how. When Bella is almost attacked by men in an alley where no one is around, he comes out of nowhere and saves her. She knows that something's wrong, and eventually she guesses. Edward and his family turn out to be vampires, who can run at super speeds, have super strength, and drink animals' blood instead of humans'. But Edward has a horrible craving for Bella's blood, and it's hard for him not to kill her every time he's around her. Even so, Bella can't bring herself to be afraid of him. She falls in love with him almost from the start, and finds out that he loves her, too. More vampires come into the story, though, and they are not so nice. They do drink human blood, and soon the story turns into a fight to save Bella's life.

This book was incredible. Stephenie Meyer writes the book with so much description that you can actually see what's happening when you read it. It's suspenseful and sucks you in until the very end. One thing that really interested me about this book was that the vampires were not like stereotypical vampires that you usually hear about. They're so different and when you read the book you can't help but wonder what it would be like if they really existed. It's especially interesting to read about Edward, because he basically seems like the perfect person to be with. Apart from the love story, this book also has lots of action and suspense. It has the perfect amount of both, and it keeps you on your toes until the very end and still wanting more. After I finished this book, I promptly went to read the rest of the series. It's a wonderful book and I would recommend it to basically anyone who wants to read it even a little bit. I was skeptical at first, but believe me, you won't be disappointed!

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