The Summer of Riley

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Book Review

The Summer of Riley is a fantastic book about friendship. William and Riley really tell a heart-warming story about a man's best friend is truly a dog. You will be astonished at how amazingly they are connected.

It is set in the countryside with so much land. William is about eleven and his grandfather just died a month ago before he got Riley. Since he is so depressed about the loss, his mother decides to get him a new dog to cheer him up. That's where Riley jumps into the picture. Riley is a mix of Collie and Golden Retriever. It was love at first sight with William and Riley. After a little while Riley as been getting into some trouble. When Riley attacks their neighbors' horse, things become madness. Since the neighbor was so upset, William had to keep Riley inside. The second time Riley attacked the horse, the neighbor called animal control. The officers took Riley with them to the pound where they are going to put Riley to sleep. With the help of William's friend, Grace, both of them try to stop animal control from putting Riley to sleep.

I loved how nothing in Williams's way was going to stop him from getting his dog back. He really cares about Riley and he loves him enough that he will go against the law to just find his dog. As he tries to get Riley, it shows that he is a risky boy and will grow up to be a caring person. I love this about people because I know in my heart that they are a magnificent man/woman.

Anything that William, it is like a corny story. I like this because t is just a classic story that is telling the story of a boy loving his dog. This is such a exciting book when Riley does something intense or something bad. The exploding moment really gets me to read more until I am finished with the chapter. This isn't a dull book. It is a fantastic book.

This is a phenomenal book. Anne E. Bunting did a wonderful job of creating this story line with chock full of exciting moments. It isn't just a boy and a dog that gets in all kinds of trouble. It is an enjoyable book about loyalty, trust, and most of all, friendship. Throughout the whole book, it tells the process of Will and Riley growing closer as time goes on. A dog is really a man's best friend.

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