Dial L for Loser

December 17, 2008
By callie swan, Dexter, MI

I missed many of my favorite television shows for this great book, which is saying a lot for me. This book, Dial L for Loser, is the sixth book of the fantastic Clique series by Lisi Harrison, and my personal favorite. Dial L for Loser ruthlessly shows you what Hollywood hype is all about, the glamour, press wars, and rising to the top. This novel punctuates the lives of five rich, beautiful, backstabbing, teen girls.

Dial L for Loser is the new teen blockbuster by director Rupert Mann, who invites the girls to audition. Kristen and Dylan don't get to go for reasons unnamed. So that leaves Massie, Alicia, and Claire to travel to L.A. and audition. The part they are trying out for is Molly, the “loser”. Massie is too confident, Alicia is too beautiful, and Claire is a totally loser. As Claire is introduced to the Hollywood life, Massie and Alicia fight to be included and be center of attention. Read this book and see how their friendships unravel through all the Hollywood glamour.

One thing I really liked that Harrison did was at the start of each chapter she would tell you the place, time, and date. It would give you an idea at what the girls were about to get into. I also really liked how Harrison described what the girls were wearing and how they looked. I liked when she had Massie and her friends rate each other, it gave a very good description of what they wee wearing and how glamorous it was. It also gave you a sense of how snooty and rich these girls were. They always had to look their best in order to be their best. I thought that Harrison did a very good job writing as if she were a 7th grader. She knows exactly how they think and act. Always wondering what other people are thinking about them, gossiping about other girls, they even keep track of gossiping points. And of course, talking about the Briarwood boys. Reading Dial L for Loser really makes you appreciate the friends you have, that hopefully don't talk about you behind your back, and don't judge you on what you wear.

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