Out of the Ashes

December 17, 2008
By Anonymous

If the disease killed people too, I would hide in my bedroom and never come out. But luckily it didn't only animals…. Farm animals. Foot and mouth disease was making its way from farm to farm spread by the birds and the air. Michael Morpurgo writes a heart pounding, tearing dropping diary about Becky Morley's life during the ruff time in the true story, Out of the Ashes.

This nonfiction story is all about Becky Morley's life as she writes in her dairy her dad got her for her birthday. She lives on a farm and when she finds out foot and mouth disease is a few farms away all she can do is wait and pray that her farm would not catch it. It was a ruff time in her life and she writes ever little detail in her birthday present.

When I first read this book I got caught on like a fish on a hook and I finished the book in one night with tears in my eyes. I loved this book. Michael Morpurgo did an amazing job grabbing my attention. The way the book starts you know that it will be good and the way the book ends you will want to read more. Becky's life in 2001 was horrible and I admire her for never giving up. Michael Morpurgo will make you want to read more of his book. A couple things that I really liked about this book is that Michael made it seem like I was there living in that time and he also explained it really well that I felt like I was Becky. I recommend this book to all the animal lovers out there and everybody who lives on a farm.

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