December 17, 2008
By jacob ladziak, Dexter, MI

Summer fun or death by the sun. I read the book Holes, by Luis Sachar.

Holes is a great realistic-fiction book. This book was set in the desert at a juvenile facility, Camp Green Lake. Rattlesnakes, yellow spotted lizards and the sun were all hazards. It never rained there. Stanley, the main character, went to camp because he was accused of stealing. He never really does fit in. the only one he does fit in with is Hector or better known as Zero. At camp, all they did was dig holes. Stanley was always struggling with his holes, he was always the last one done. Then Zero made him a deal, if Stanley taught Zero how to read, Zero would help Stanley dig his holes. Until one day Zero got so fed up at camp, he ran away. After a few days Stanley went looking for him. It was so hard to find him because it as so hot and there was no water, and nothing to eat. Once he found Zero they didn't go back to camp, they went to God's Thumb. God's Thumb is where Stanley's grandfather had set off to. But he hadn't died up there. He was old but he made it down. So did Zero and Stanley.

Holes is a great book. I liked how Luis Sachar put so much thought into this book. He made it into something that could actually happen in real life, but most likely wont. The narrators voice pulled me into the plot of the story. It was just like once I started getting the plot I wasn't able to stop. There are two dynamic characters that caught my attention. Stanley is one. He changed so much after being in the camp. He learned to care about more people and he learned to live by himself for a few days. The next character was X-ray. He was one of the guys that has been there for a while and knows everything about the place. He is the one who thinks he is the best and should get credit for everything. Like when Stanley found the tube of lipstick, X-ray got credit for it. I thought Luis did a great job on writing this book. I have read this book 4 times and it never gets old. I felt that this book was good and that it also had a message of what could happen if you ever did anything bad. I liked how Luis put all his effort into this book. I personally think this is one of Luis Sachar's books. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books that Luis Sachar has wrote and also to anyone who like adventure and realistic-fiction.

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