Cinder by Marissa Meyer

August 22, 2014

 In one word I can sum up the book Cinder by Marissa Meyer; “Wow!” This book is truly amazing science fiction with its strong characters, interesting antagonists, captivating plot, and overall originality. Cinder, the main character of the book, is a 16-year-old cyborg who works as a mechanic at the market where she meets Prince Kai who asks her to fix his android; Nainsi. A few minutes after he leaves, there’s an outburst of Leutomosis (a disease that Lunars are immune to but still sickens and kills many Earthens), which attaches on to Cinder without her knowing. When she gets home with Nainsi and Iko (the family android) she sees her stepsisters Pearl and Peony getting ready for the ball hosted by the Prince that she cant go to, she goes down to her room/workshop. Soon after, Peony comes down and begs Cinder if she could go to the junkyard with her to look for scraps. While at the Junkyard they find out that Peony has been infected with Leutomosis and call the med-droids to take her away. The worst part about it is that as soon as she gets home, she is sent away to find a cure where she meets Doctor Erland who tells her some pretty shocking news…she’s Lunar and that Queen Levana (ruler of lunars) is coming. The next day she goes to work on Nainsi given all her free time. While working on it she finds out what Kai has been searching for, something that could get them all killed. Running up to the palace she sees a mob protesting about Levana being there but quickly she sees Levana come out and “Glamours” (a gift that lunars have) the crowd but mid-glamour Cinder moves bringing the attention of the queen to her. After a while they all leave (Levana and the crowd) and Kai comes out to ask her to come with her to the ball. Will she go with him? What will Levana do? Is Cinder safe? Is Kai safe? What will happen? Well…you’re just going to have to read the book. 

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