The Fault in our Stars

August 18, 2014
This story is taken in Indianapolis; it’s not the tourist part of Indianapolis. It’s an area of the sick, in which Hazel Grace lives. Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters are pretty much the main characters in this story. Hazel has cancer, which is in her lungs, also known as thyroid cancer. She needs to carry an oxygen tank with her wherever she goes. Hazel met Augustus at a support group. Augustus went with his friend Isaac. Isaac had a tumor in his eye; he had it removed and now needs to do the other eye. Augustus had osteosarcoma; he is now cancer free after getting his leg amputated.

Augustus had a metaphor that when he’d put a cigarette between his teeth, he would never give it the power to do its killing. He was a big believer in metaphors. Hazel loved his humor. They started off as friends; they hung out a lot and became closer and closer. Hazel and Augustus had books they both really loved, but Hazel’s book was the best. Hers was called “An Imperial Affliction”. She loved the book so much she made Augustus read it as well. She loved that novel so much that she wanted to meet the author and find out what happened in the ending. The book had no ending, which made people wonder if there was going to be another book. It had Hazel wanting to know so badly. She e-mailed the author (Peter Van Houten) saying that she wanted to know what was going to happen. One-day the author’s assistant answered her e-mails and said that she could go all the way to Amsterdam to visit and ask some questions about the book.
A couple weeks or days before the trip to Amsterdam her lungs got filled with water and she had to go to the hospital. The hospital suggested her not to go Amsterdam but she was so hoping on going. She was disappointed and so was her mother. They were very excited to go but because of her sickness they didn’t want anything happening to her. Couple days or weeks her mom surprised her and they were going on the trip to Amsterdam to meet the author of her favorite book. Augustus, Hazel and her mom went. They were amazed on how beautiful it was.

They got to the authors house and he was drinking and wasn’t what they expected see. They were still happy but having 2nd thoughts about the guy. He yelled at them and Hazel yelled right back. The authors assistant took them all over too see the whole city and different kinds of places. They were so happy to be there together with each other. When they left they were sad but happy that they got to spend those good times together at a special place.

When they got back home Augustus had something wrong with him and Hazel was very worried about him. He went to the hospital and everything was better a couple days after. Since he thought he was going to die real soon he wanted to see his own funeral, so he had Hazel and Isaac throw him a little fake funeral with him there so he could see what they would say. It was emotional for them. I don’t want to give anything away but Hazel and Augustus were very happy together.
This book is very good. It’s a type of book to make you emotional, its the best book ever. It’s a very nice story about two young teenagers. And the book is better than the movie.

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