Strange Case Of Origami Yoda by Tom Angelberger

August 15, 2014
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This book is about a young boy named Dwight and this boy is no ordinary boy he is one of the weirdest people in his school. Dwight is in sixth grade. His school is McQuarrie middle school and his best friend is Tommy is also in his grade. Dwight is really good at origami and one day he made a finger puppet of yoda. The weird thing about origami yoda can tell the future and suggests smart things to other students. The mysterious thing is that it actually comes true. So everyone goes to origami yoda and ask him for advice and make everyone’s life better. The down side on this is that he has an arch enemy and his name is Harvey and he has a finger puppet of Darth Vader and he wants to get Dwight out of the school. Read this book to see if Dwight gets kicked out of his school.
This is how I feel about this book and why you should read this book. This book was an interesting, funny, and mysterious book. This book was a not long book and it was not a short book either so this book did not take me to long to finish and kept me interested in the book. If you want a funny, interesting, mysterious book that is not that long you should read this book. This book really hit the spot and only toke about a week or two to finish. Also if you want to read more of these books there are sequels to this book.
This is what the author wrote about himself. Write this novel, Yoda told Tom Angelberger he must. Long before he followed the advice of Yoda, Tom applied for a job as a newspaper artist but was mistakenly assigned a writing position. Fifteen years later he is still at it, currently as a columnist for Roanoke Times in Roanoke, Virginia, with his wife. Visit him online at

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