A Wanted Man by Lee Child

August 15, 2014
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A Wanted Man

By: Lee Child

The novel that I have read over the summer was, A Wanted Man, By: Lee Child. The

book is an Action/Thriller type genre that takes place on an eastbound ramp of a Nebraska

highway, he is there due to what had happened in the previous novel (The Affair #16). And in A

Wanted Man, Jack Reacher, ex-military cop turned homeless, finally catches a ride after waiting

for about an hour or so with people who introduce themselves as; Alan King, Don McQueen

and Karen Delfuenso. Throughout the trip to Chicago he realizes that King and McQueen had

just recently committed a murder and jacked the vehicle from Delfuenso. At the same time,

Julia Sorenson, who works for the Omaha FBI field office, is investigating the murder. Back to

the car, Reacher attempts to help Delfuenso, but before he could he gets abandoned at motel

in Iowa. Once there, Reacher contacts the FBI, and ends up speaking directly to Sorenson. They

both meet up at the motel and he convinces her to let him help on the case since he had been

in such close contact with the victim and the murderers. Although on their way out of Iowa the

FBI agent and Reacher comes across Delfuenso’s car along with her burnt body inside of the

Although the real twist of it is that Delfuenso isn’t really dead; it was Peter King’s body

that Reacher and Sorenson found in the burnt car. Delfuenso and McQueen are both secretly

FBI agents. McQueen was moved from Kansas City in order to become part of an undercover

investigation into a terrorist organization whose plan was to chemically infiltrate Nebraska’s

water supply. The organization was made up of a mixture of White Americans and Middle

Eastern foreigners, where McQueen was incognito while Peter King was an actual member. The

man that she helped murder was a member of another terrorist group, be he turned out to be

undercover as well, only for the CIA. After figuring out McQueen was FBI, he attacked him, so

he attacked back in self-defense. To find out what Reacher and his new FBI friends does to try

to stop the group of terrorists permanently, you have to read it for yourself. My opinion on the

book is that it a very anticipating book that keeps you on your toes, making you want to read

more and more. Although this is the seventeenth book in the series, it keeps you up to date as

to why he does what he does, and why he ends up somewhere. If I were to give it an overall

rating, I would give it an 8/10 due to its spot on story and great use of words, although it gets

slow at some parts of it that kind of make you lose interest.

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