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Me before You by Jojo Moyes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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Me before You: sounds romantic, but think about it. Shouldn’t it be ‘You before Me’? I’ve never been madly in love with someone, but general knowledge about love tells me that the latter sounds more romantic. I mean, if you really love someone, aren’t you supposed to wish for his/her happiness before yours? Take a bullet for that person or something? Jojo Moyes thinks differently; she views love under a more realistic light.
All romance novels, at least the ones I’ve read so far, ends one way or another. Option 1 - The happy ending: despite the hard circumstances, the couple realizes that love is most important. Option 2 - The tragic ending: the couple is madly in love, but there are obstacles (inevitable death, almost all the time) that keep them apart. The ending of 'Me before You' is also a tragic one, and yes, it involves death. Then how is it different from every other tragic romance stories? Tragedy is a matter of choice in this story. Will Traynor is a quadriplegic who wants to die. After meeting Louisa, however, he is now given the choice to live somewhat happily ever after with the woman he loves and loves him back. Nevertheless, Will chooses death. He makes the most selfish decision, disappointing his family and most importantly, Lou. His reason is simple: love is great, but not enough. He says “I can't do this because I can't...I can't be the man I want to be with you. And that means that this - this just becomes...another reminder of what I am not.” This conclusion was shocking to me. I thought, if I were ever given the same choice, I would choose the somewhat happy life over death a million times, despite the frustration and pain that come with it. Also, I probably couldn’t bear to see the ones I love suffer in pain watching me go.
What would you choose? Will Traynor leaves Louisa a posthumous letter that says “Push yourself. Don't Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE.” For him, the pain of not being able to ‘LIVE’ the way he wanted to was greater than the fear leaving his lover and dying. Do you think he made the right decision?

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